Signature treatments

60-Minute Body Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Current Price: $250

Joyfully Well's signature full-body lymphatic drainage massage is customized according to your needs and goals, incorporating various lymphatic techniques ranging from clinical to cosmetic that aid overall well-being, detoxify the body, reduce water retention and bloating, boost the immune system, enhance the circulation and metabolism, diminish the appearance of cellulite, and alleviate inflammation. 

90-Minute Body Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Current Price: $350

For a more dramatic aesthetic affect, this extended treatment provides the same benefits as our 60-Minute Full Body Lymphatic Drainage Massage with additional time spent using advanced sculpting techniques on the areas of your choosing. 

Prenatal Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Current Price: $250

This treatment is specifically tailored to support your pregnancy by reducing inflammation and swelling in your extremities, as well increasing circulation and oxygenation. This hour-long massage omits sculpting techniques, and focuses on solely draining to provide you the maximum benefit while keeping you and baby safe and comfortable. This treatment is suitable throughout your second and third trimester up until your due date. Doctors clearance is required if you are less than 12 weeks pregnant. 

Post-Surgical Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

Current Price $250

After surgery, this treatment is an incredibly supportive tool to your recovery. It encourages your body to clear inflammation and avoid the formation of excess scar tissue by promoting circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system. The full 60 minutes is spent working on the area(s) of surgery for maximum results. Techniques and pressure used are dependent upon how soon post-operatively we are working together. Doctors clearance is required if you are less than 2 weeks post-op and treatment is suitable for up to 2 months post-op.


Our 30-minute lymphatic drainage facial massage can be added on to any body treatment to reduce puffiness, naturally sculpt and lift the face, and promote a clear complexion via the drainage of localized toxins. Tools such as Gua Sha stone, lymphatic facial brush, reflexology detector, silicone cups and more may be used to enhance results based on your needs. 

Lymphatic Facial $100

Body Wrap & Sauna Blanket $100

For those who want to further increase drainage, detox, and sculpting effects, this enhancement can be added on to any body treatment. Prior to your 60 or 90 minute massage, a heat activated fat-burning gel and thermal wrap is applied to the body followed by 25 minutes in the infrared sauna blanket. This pre-actives the lymphatic system and softens fascia preparing the body for the massage to come.

Please inquire here prior to booking any service if you suffer from any medical conditions. 

After 4/1, when both add-ons are booked in the same appointment a $25 discount will be applied. 

Requirements for your Joyfully Well Appointment

Joyfully Well currently provides on location services to women only. 

Clients must be able to provide secured parking spot close in proximity to service address. If applicable, valet / parking costs will be added to the total fee.

Clients must be able to provide clean working space with appropriate room for maneuvering around a massage table, as well as anearby sink and power outlet (if booking sauna blanket add on) on first level of residence or accessible by elevator.

Clients must not schedule an appointment within 14 days of Botox or filler treatments.

Clients must inquire prior to booking if they have any medical conditions.